Are the results promised?

The results can’t be perfectly promised but yes we assure and commit to
giving you the best possible results in all types of services that we offer to
our clients at Think Adverts by the professionals.

What are the prices of content writer service?

The prices are different and do change according to the time or type of
type of project. So, please do contact us for further details. But yes, the
prices at Think Adverts of the services are definitely affordable and

How to discuss my needs with you people?

Please do contact us through the details mentioned on the website. You
can reach us out through mail or call. We are here to assist you in all the
possible ways.

Are the people in the team experienced and certified?

Yes, every person in the team of Think Adverts is highly professional,
certified and experienced in their fields to a great extent and the same
could be shown and presented if needed in any case.

Would you people be able to help me with getting my short film on MX Player or any other OTT platform?

Yes, we do have the service of the same, in case you wish to get any of
your films or short films to release on any of the OTT platforms then we
are here to help and assist you in all the possible ways. Just contact us,
we are here to help you.

Are the prices really affordable at Think Adverts?

Yes, they are and it’s not that just what we claim about. But our clients
have the same thing to say about us as well. Contact us for further details
or queries through the details provided on the website.

Do you have more questions?